Our Mission

Our objective is to provide an environment whereas children feel safe, loved and all their needs are met. Our Christian based program builds a foundation on solid values, encouraging social, emotional and physical strength, while supporting the continuing development of self-esteem and self-confidence.

We highly support "Kindergarten Readiness" and the State of Washington's "Thrive By Five" program. We are commited to your child's future.

In the planning stages of the business I began compiling information and ideas that were important to me. Such as where, when, why and what. I wanted a name that meant something. I decided on "Friendship Depot" for a couple of reasons. I chose "Friendship" because while visiting us your child will make new friends. At the same time, I chose "Depot" for what it means to me. I have a passion for trains and traveling. A "Depot" is a place where everyone has an opportunity to stop, take a breath, slow down, refresh and then when the time is right, move on to their next adventure.

That is what the development of "Friendship Depot" is for me. A great adventure that is never ending!

Ready children + Ready schools + Ready parents and families + Ready communities = SUCCESS

Working together to build a community that nurtures the full potential of our youngest children.

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